Academic: K-12

Bowness High School - Career Technology Studies (CTS) Centre

Project Details

Bowness High School - Career Technology Studies (CTS) Centre


Calgary, AB, Canada


Calgary Board of Education (CBE)




Electrical Engineering Consulting Services

Originally built in 1955, the 2016 modernization included a 42,000 ft2 new addition to accommodate the Career Technology Studies (CTS) Centre. The addition included a new electrical sub-distribution at 277/480V and 120/208V, and connection to the existing head end systems for Data, PA, telephone, security, CCTV and fire alarm. A cohesive lighting design was important to bring both the new and existing building together seamlessly. The lighting systems were comprised of low voltage relays, switches, occupancy and daylight sensors for control; fluorescent luminaires for general lighting; LED lighting for special applications, exterior lighting and high ceilings; and battery packs and remote heads for emergency lighting.

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