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SMP's basic electrical engineering services include involvement in all project phases, when required, from pre-design through to post-construction. 

Our expertise is focused in the following market sectors:

  • Academic K-12
  • Academic Post-Secondary
  • Data Centres
  • Emergency Services
  • Entertainment / Cultural
  • Healthcare (Clinics, Hospitals, Labs)
  • Historic Rehabilitation & Heritage Conservation
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial, Manufacturing & Warehouse
  • Mixed-Use
  • Office Buildings & Tenant Improvements
  • Placemaking & Exterior Lighting
  • Recreational
  • Residential (High & Low Rise, Affordable Housing, Seniors Housing)
  • Religious Facilities
  • Retail
  • Transportation (Airport & Airfield, Transit & LRT)
Brookfield YMCA at Seton

Brookfield YMCA at Seton

Don Campbell Elementary School

Don Campbell Elementary School

University of Lethbridge, Science Commons

University of Lethbridge, Science Commons



lightSPACE, SMP’s in-house specialty architectural lighting studio, are experts in the art of bringing buildings and spaces to life through design; creating connections to our communities and establishing a sense of place. Architectural lighting designers operate in a unique field – marrying art and science by harnessing the psychological properties of light to enhance and define the experience of a space. We understand that light is the key element that shapes our perception of surrounding environments.


Learn more about lightSPACE here: lightSPACE at SMP Engineering


SMP’s in-house power experts bring the expertise to cover electrical power distribution systems from initial planning and design, through studies, evaluations, and single line audits, to final system tweaks and commissioning assistance. Whether it is new construction, a renovation, or replacement of end-of-life equipment, our focus is a cost effective, efficient, and safe design that will allow a facility to easily operate and maintain for years to come.

Having a reliable distribution system is an important part of any building as it has direct impacts to efficiency, operations, safety and cost (downtime, utility bills). We also make sure that the building has all the provisions it needs to allow the main features, lighting, mechanical systems, computers, etc., to operate without concerns.


SMP takes our responsibility for sustainable practices seriously. Using an integrated design process, with access to technological advances, each project has an opportunity to excel at sustainability, both in the process of design and in the final built project.

Photovoltaic (Solar) Design

Our solar experts work with many clients to achieve the various goals for their Photovoltaic (solar) systems. Our project experience ranges from a show piece for sustainability to a major contributor to the buildings electrical power production. The systems designed by SMP have the ability to output data for building operators, tenants, general staff, or visitors to the building. The importance of this technology has continued to rise in the Alberta market and is targeted to be a key electrical production contributor in the future.

Net Zero Design

SMP has been involved in the design of several Net Zero projects and we are able to leverage the learnings from these projects to new projects. Two of our most recent Net Zero projects include the library and tower renovation at the University of Calgary’s MacKimmie Block, and the Windermere Fire Station no. 31 in Edmonton, AB.

Electrically speaking, Net Zero design is relatively straightforward – it requires the addition of solar/photovoltaic panels to generate electricity to offset the energy used by the building’s electrical and mechanical systems. However, the more that can be done to lower the overall electrical use for the building, the less power will need to be generated to achieve Net Zero.


As leaders in sustainable design within Alberta, our innovative approach and strong background has allowed us to achieve various levels of LEED certification on over 120 projects to date.

Our sustainable approach includes the monitoring of light pollution, minimum energy performance, optimization of energy performance, metering, energy demand control, and interior lighting quality and control by our team members. We also collaborate with project teams and specialized equipment suppliers to ensure we are selecting the equipment which will assist in providing an overall sustainable project.


Security systems design is one of the many specialized consultant disciplines offered by SMP, providing design and project management services.

All organizations face some form of security risk. Assessing and understanding the level of risk and the potential threat to a facility’s operations is the basis for establishing an effective security system. Using standardized risk/threat analysis and appropriate Industry standards, SMP’s security subject matter experts can help to establish the level of risk for a facility. Effective measures can then be evaluated and implemented to reduce the security risk.

The SMP Security team works with clients to develop an overall security plan to reduce property losses and risks to people, while minimizing effects on productivity and well-being. We also partner with Architects, Owners and Construction Engineering teams to work towards hardening a project’s perimeter, achieving a secure environment by employing passive design principles while minimizing maintenance and operational costs


In an ever-increasing technology-based world, communications and telecommunications systems are a core component of building design and cost. SMP offers design and commissioning of communications and telecommunications systems including: structured cabling systems for telephones and data systems; structured cabling systems for other building systems; wireless systems; head end equipment for off air donor sites; electronics to process signals from VHF; cellular telephones, paging and data systems; and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

Our Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) IT & Communications specialist will work closely with the client’s IT department, developing robust IT and Communication systems, and if required, Information Management / Information Technology (IM/IT) strategies to accommodate the client’s IT needs.


SMP is a leader in fire alarm and life safety systems design and verification. We provide services that include complete fire alarm system engineering services from conceptual to detailed engineering and construction documents, construction observation, final verification acceptance testing, tendering and bid evaluations, existing systems evaluations, code reviews, and local authority approvals.

Our staff are active in the development of codes and standards and continually stay abreast of the latest code changes and technology, and they maintain working relationships with the leadership of international engineering and fire safety organizations, and actively participates in those organizations, which include the Society of Fire Protection Engineering (SFPE) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Our staff also participate in the process of developing national consensus on codes and standards which provides SMP with an understanding of the process, background, and intent of these documents.

Integrated Systems Testing (IST)

The life safety systems of your building are critical as they protect the occupants in an emergency situation when time is of the essence. Where multiple life safety systems must function together the National Building Code (Alberta Edition, Standata 19- BCI-020) requires IST under the supervision of a Professional Engineer.

IST is carried out prior to handover of the facility to ensure all the life safety systems operate in concert with each other and in accordance with the design intent. It is the final test which determines if the design, equipment selection and construction meet the performance expectations.

As the IST Coordinator, SMP can help you avoid unnecessary delays and work out these details ahead of your submission, so you can get your permit and forward with your project.


Since 2008, SMP’s experience with BIM projects has become as diverse as its overall project experience. To date, our BIM experience includes projects ranging in size from 450m2 municipal facilities to 95,000+m2 commercial properties. The BIM requirements for these projects has varied greatly from the process being utilized as a design coordination tool only, to providing modeling services to electrical contractors to prove constructability while coordinating with other trades. Equally as varied are the methods of collaboration implemented; these methods vary from a weekly distribution of models among the design team, to contributing to one multi-discipline building model on a common server.

SMP uses the current Autodesk Building Design suite of products, as Revit and Navisworks are typically mandated as the design authoring and review software utilized in the BIM process. SMP also uses several purpose built third party tools to aid in our workflow.

University of Alberta, Atrium - ElumTools Rendering

University of Alberta, Atrium - ElumTools Rendering

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