YYC Airside Connections Corridor

Project Details

YYC Airside Connections Corridor


Calgary, AB, Canada


Calgary Airport Authority




Electrical Engineering Consulting Services & Specialty Lighting Design

The YYC Airside Connections Corridor project connects the airside airport staff and cleared passengers between the existing Calgary International Domestic Terminal Building (DTB) (concourses A, B, and C) to the new International Terminal Building (ITB) (concourses D and E) and was designed to ensure travelers get to their connecting flights quickly and safely.

This development required the relocation of a major electrical room, as well as the re-building of a large communications room. Both tasks required extensive exploration into existing services and coordination with the Calgary Airport Authority to facilitate shutdowns and relocations. Additionally, during the course of the project, the Air Canada Lounge was relocated.

In conjunction with the development of the Airside Connections Corridor, a Compact Transit System (CTS) was integrated into the project. The CTS includes specialized passenger carts that travel along a defined and segregated path along the entire Airside Connections Corridor. The CTS carts are Electric Vehicles, and the system includes stations along the route, a maintenance area, and storage/charging area. The CTS route crosses pedestrian traffic at points, creating intersections. This unique challenge required custom designed and built stanchions with red/green illuminated glass panels paired with overhead illuminated signage. When traffic sensing equipment picks up CTS carts approaching the intersection, the corresponding software indicates to the pedestrians.

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