Academic: K-12

Dr. Anne Anderson High School

Project Details

Dr. Anne Anderson High School


Edmonton, AB, Canada


Edmonton Public School Board




Electrical Engineering Consulting Services

Recently completed through an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach, the Dr. Anne Anderson High School is a 20,000 m2 facility, accommodating 1,800 students in the Heritage Valley communities in Southern Edmonton. The building also serves as a community centre, offering a full-size gymnasium, fitness area, and gym classroom to the public, suitable for various community activities. In addition to the community gymnasium, the students have access to two more full-size gyms complete with an overhead running track. The High School also features a full-size commercial CTS kitchen and a six-station Master Chef inspired kitchen designed to motivate future culinary experts, and laboratory and CTS spaces for science, healthcare, media, technology, and many more applications.

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