YYC Baggage Handling System

Project Details

YYC Baggage Handling System


Calgary, AB, Canada


Calgary Airport Authority




Electrical Engineering Consulting Services & Specialty Lighting Design

The existing baggage systems in concourses A, B, and C within the Calgary International Airport were replaced with a single baggage system throughout the bag halls of all three existing concourses. The new system also interconnects to the system recently installed in the International Terminal Building (ITB).

In the three existing concourses, the baggage systems were separate and required baggage to be handled by staff and passengers at all transitions between concourses. The new system enables all baggage to be transitioned between concourses and gates seamlessly without manual intersection.

The design of the new system required detailed modeling of the existing structure and electrical systems, and carefully detailed coordination with the new system components to ensure baggage could continually be delivered and managed during all periods of construction. As the airport is a 24/7 facility, in depth coordination with the Calgary Airport Authority’s Building Operations group and the team of contractors was required to confirm there was no unexpected loss of building services during periods of construction.

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