Calgary Winter Club

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Calgary Winter Club


Calgary, AB, Canada


Calgary Winter Club




Electrical Engineering Consulting Services & Specialty Lighting Design

Calgary Winter Club renovation included a full redesign of the café, curling lounge, and child’s play area, as well as a 215 m2 addition to the pool area. The redesign of the café, curling lounge, and child’s play area included new finishes, lighting, and a complete mechanical and electrical overhaul. An existing curling arena was demolished to expand the café, allowing for a more inviting and usable seating area, as well as a child’s play area at the far end. The curling lounge was redesigned to remove the transition space to the tennis courts, giving it a sense of place for the curlers. The addition to the pool provides the club members with a children's splash park.

The overall  project goal was to provide families with the resources to use the facility together, creating an inviting and inclusive environment for all ages.

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