Peter Lougheed Centre (PLC) Redevelopment

Project Details

Peter Lougheed Centre (PLC) Redevelopment


Calgary, AB, Canada


Alberta Infrastructure / Alberta Health Services


2014 (Phase 1), 2015 (Phase 2) & 2018 (Phase 3)


Electrical Engineering Consulting Services

The $61M redevelopment project was separated into three phases and included two key components: Vascular Surgery Redevelopment and Women’s Health Redevelopment.

Phase 1 of the project consisted of the relocation of the Hemodialysis Unit and the Pediatric Inpatient Unit in order to allow expansion and redevelopment of Women’s and Infant’s Health. Phase 2 incorporated the Vascular Surgery department, the first integrated Vascular Centre in Alberta, offering diagnosis, treatment, and management support to patients with vascular disease. It is comprised of Ambulatory Centre, Inpatient Unit, Special Care Unit, and Hybrid Operating Rooms. Phase 3, the Women’s Health redevelopment, is comprised of Triage, Ante-Partum, and Labour and Delivery, as well as Post-Partum Inpatient Unit and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

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